How to describe the UFO-Bi…

…in one word?

…in one image?
Folded in its Airpack 50-50 XS, you just can’t imagine this is a tandem wing.

.… in one dream?
Accessing a virgin slope, skis on… in a galaxy far, far away…



Construction & Features

– As for the new UFO, the lines are unsheathed Aramid but color-coded! Solidity has never been so easy to untangle.

– Releasing the trimmers allows a good speed increase to further improve its amazing ability to flare and land smoothly.

– The use of Nitinol rods not only saves weight and increases robustness, it also allows a super compact folding… To always slip it into your rucksack.

– Leading edge and trailing edge are with mylar-border band. This ensures a structural consistency for not changing the wing’s flying behaviors.

– On the leading edge, ground attachment loops can be used to prevent the paraglider from slipping on a steep and/or slippery slope (snow).